Relax. Nothing is Under Control.


I’ve been writing about thick stuff the past few blogs. Today I’m going to fill on my weekend so far instead of a concept piece, because everything should be in doses. Including the deep stuff. I write about whatever takes up most of my thoughts that day. It’s created grounds for very cool conversations which is the whole point of this really. To create a dialogue with people. I love people. Did you know that about me? 

I don’t know when I realized I loved people, because from what my mom tells me preschool was a mess. I think moving around a lot taught me how to adapt. I’m kinda a chameleon cause I’ve always had this way of blending into any scene. I never really had a clique in high school because I was always floating around. I have friends everywhere on the people spectrum. I love people. 

Yesterday I spent some time with Carlos and Lily. They just got back from hiking some of the Appalachian trail. What’s cool about that is that I was given the opportunity to sell Lilly’s parents house for them so they could fulfill their lifelong dream of hiking the trail. They are really cool people. Anyways, Lily, Carlos, and I walked down to the plaza and they had Empire pizza for the first time. That was tight. 

We walked around and I met a couple girls named Hannah and Anna. They were in OKC from Norman/Tulsa for a show at the farmers market and were checking out the Plaza Walls. They have been friends since they were in kindergarten. Crazy right? I started a little conversation and made new friends. That was cool. I’m going to do more of that.

Later that night I linked up with my neighbor Chris and some of his friends. I met some cool people again and took some pictures and then walked home. 

Today has been pretty awesome so far. I stopped by the 1219 Creative, the office building I work out of, and saw that Kyle had moved some stuff around in his office. He introduced me to some really awesome people and let me post up do some work in his office. After that I spent a couple hours with Mary and her family. I should have figured they would be as kind and awesome as her. I wasn’t thinking any different, but I just felt so comfortable there which was nice. I really enjoyed that. Plus I got to hold a baby bean and take pictures of babies in her family. 

I still have the whole evening in front of me, and I’m so thankful for that. I started taking Saturday’s off and I feel like I have a life again. I got so caught up in living for work, instead of working to live. Seasons though, you know? 

Anyways here are pictures from everything I just filled you guys in about. 

I hope your weekend has been kind to you, and if it hasn’t- good news is that you can be kind to someone’s weekend yourself. Who knows….you might feel better. 

sarah zubair