Starting Somewhere


I'm slightly freaking out. 

Because making this site go live means that this is real. It means that there's no more games. No more "videos every Monday and Friday" and no videos ever go up on Monday's and Friday's. This means accountability. In a way it means commitment, which has equated to lack of freedom in my generation. I have to teach myself otherwise at this point. That means creating a new neural pathway, one that says: "If you harness your skills and talents, you will have all the freedom you could ever want".

Here are the excuses that were disguised as reasonings when it comes to my lack of content creation:

  1. It's not good enough. 
  2. No one will care enough to read or watch.
  3. Other's are making way better stuff.
  4. People will judge me and won't respect my career ambitions.
  5. I should working on something "more important".

All of those reasons? Just fear. You know what's on the other side of fear? Everything you could ever want. 

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a master at dabbling. You know that I get super interested about a style of filming, writing, a random instrument, real estate, or sports, for days at a time. But that's it. Just days at a time. Like teeny tiny prepubescent growth spurts that never finish because I never finish. Seriously guys, I have a real problem when it comes to finishing things. I'll learn a song on guitar or piano but then move on to something else as soon as I get to the last verse. I'll start editing a video and never finish because maybe I should watch just one more tutorial. Oh you want to watch a movie with me? Good luck because about an hour in i'm itching to do something else. 

But then....

Everything started changing when I witnessed Kennon's transcendence in this whole commitment to creative ambitions thing. Like this dude is committed in a way that us creatives are severely deficient most of the time. You know That's him. Before wildagain was a thing, seventoseven was. Which was this daily blog his did. DAILY BLOG. Not only did he write words everyday, he freaking harnessed his photography talents by taking, editing, and posting pictures from his day. EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR. What the heck dude. To me that's bad ass. If you look at his pictures from the first few days to the last few days of the blog, I mean it's just absolutely incredible. I want that. I want that transcendence from good to incredible. But like every talented person, I'm going to have to commit to deliberate practice. 

And that's what this is. 

There are three things I want to harness this year (I know you followers of the "One Thing" are rolling your eyes already but hear me out).

These things are very much so related. 

Writing. Film. Photography. 

So here's to a year of writing, film, photography. 


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