Kennon's House


Breakfast with your best friends is probably the greatest way to start a day. That's how I started mine. The rest of the day consisted of shoots all over the metro. I was in a really good state actually, so it was a breeze. I say that knowing I still have to edit 6 houses from today. Usually I edit right away, but Kennon's mom was making dinner so I went over there instead of going home. Which is probably the best thing I could have done considering Mary, Jayden, Maria, Jeff, Haley, and Dalen were all over there too. I filmed a little bit and Kennon taught me more about photography.

We ended up going to a twilight shoot in Edmond. Actually what really happened was I just rode with him because I was tryna kick it. We traded songs and stories and made our way to and from the shoot. I got home around 10, and started editing blog stuff around 10:30.

I just want to say something before I introduce the content for today.

Sometimes you just have to make room in your life for the things you want. I wanted friendships that would help me be a better person. That's what I got when I became friends with Kennon and Mary. Actually it was brought to my attention that the three of us have been hanging out on a consistent basis for six months solid now. I'm like, super lucky to have them. It's not a brag, it's an affirmation to you. Once you make room in your life for good things with the intentions set, they will happen. 

Anyways; Here's what I have for you guys today. 

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