The Creation of Dreams


I have dreams that I'm scared to admit to myself sometimes. They seem so grandiose, but not in the way you would expect. It's no longer about financial gain. The essence of them is the ability to inspire others. To introduce an idea into the world that triggers others to create their own. How magnificent would it be if each and every one of us answered the calling that our very own Creator instilled within us to create.

Have you ever willed something into existence? When you take something that's just a concept in your mind, just an idea, and not so suddenly it becomes real. 

The thing is, for you to have that idea, that concept, you first must have other ideas and other concepts in place. And that - is the power of influence. 

I vividly remember the first time I saw someone playing a piano. I was incredibly young. I brought it up with my mom the other day and she was delighted at the recollection of the memory. Crazy how much that short interaction influenced my life. 

That interaction instilled an idea into me. The idea of playing music. Which has followed me through every state, country, city, house, apartment, you name it. Where ever I went, there it was. 

That man playing the piano that day probably doesn't know how our one interaction shaped my life. He actually didn't have any idea I was watching him. In that way we are all naive. We are naive of our influence. Of our impact. Of our ability to shape the lives of others. 

If a person was to accept that thought, they would have to accept that they too are capable of influencing their own dreams. To willing them into reality. In bringing our dreams to existence lies the most innate human ability, creation. 


Mary does this awesome thing where she brings people's businesses to life. She has a giver's heart and we love her so much that we would do anything to support that. So Kennon and I went to a local business in Bethany today to capture some content that will help them shape up their brand. Collaborating with him is powerful because he does photo while I do video so we get so much done in such little time. It was totally on the fly actually, because I had a shoot when this was suppose to happen, but the universe has a way of pointing you in the right direction, because when I woke up, my 11:00 appointment had canceled. 



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