Yesterday, I wrote about dreams and influence. The relationship between these two concepts is deep enough to write about day after day, however in my attempt to write meaningful entires, I’m going to take some time to create a construct an actionable tie between the two. 

You know those “life hacks” we see on short buzzfeed type videos? The tricks we can use day to day to get a better result, quicker? 

There’s this life hack that allows you to influence your dreams into existence. That’s what we’re going to discuss today. 

This life hack is simple. In fact, you’ve done it on many levels before. Yet, sometimes we forget that we can use it to jump into newly found callings. The results are phenomenal. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an instance that it failed, for better or for worse. It’s called immersion. 

When you whole heartily dose yourself in whatever your ambition is. 

I say this knowing that I have failed to embody this concept many times, but the times I did produced results on a profound level. 

It’s only hard until you decide to do it. Just jump in, cut all ties, burn your ships, leave no other options on the table, no plan b, no safety net. 

When considering using immersion as a tool to turn your dreams into realities, understand this: you cannot half-ass it. If you’re truly immersing yourself, half-ass attempts aren’t even an option because you literally have no other choice. You’ve burned your ships, moved away, jumped. It’s do, or perish and die. I’m being dramatic because your life is the biggest drama you will ever watch - and you’re the playwright. 

My most recent attempt of immersion was moving to the city. Whether it’s been a success or a failure, I won’t judge because at least I’m doing it. I wanted so badly to take myself to the next level, my career, my relationships, my confidence. I knew that being comfortable was killing my ambition, so I made myself uncomfortable. I jumped and it sucked for a long time honestly. Living by myself, getting home late at night and waking up early morning with only myself to talk to. You know what happened though? It forced me to deal with myself. Everything that was happening in my life was a direct result of my actions. There was no one else around to influence what I did but me. See, I had formally immersed myself in toxic behaviors. Actually that immersion lasted a course of 7 solid years. 7 years of the same cycle, the same pattern, the same results. The only thing that saved me was immersing myself in other things. Funny thing is that those patterns followed me. I thought it was because they wouldn’t let me go. Truth is, I was the one who wouldn't let go. This is when I learned, where you go - there you are. 

Back to immersion. 

Do what you want to do in fullness. Enroll yourself 100%, and I promise you will see results. Pay attention though, because we tend to immerse ourselves without realizing it. When you look at life as if it's happening to you, “this happened TO me”, “they did this TO me” failing to see how your own enrollment has caused you to reach that point. 

Where is your time being spent? What are you doing with your days? Who are you hanging out with? 

Where are you immersing yourself? 

The best part about these answers is that you are totally in control if you want to change them. Everything can change in one day. One decision can lead to many changes. Make the decision to immerse yourself in that which is congruent with your life’s ambitions, and there you will find everything you could ever want. I’m not talking to anyone in particular but myself here. This is me telling me wassup. You feel? 

Here are some shots from today. I often choose Elemental as my ambiance for creative writing. It has this solid and consistent feel which I like, plus its close by so it’s convenient. You should go, they got vibes on vibes on vibez. 

sarah zubair