Games. Talk about the theme of the times. We’re plagued. Actively participating in a playing field constructed by maze makers. We love it though. It’s fun. Well, if you consider distracted - fun.

I do. I love distractions. I distract myself all the time. With projects, people, instruments, food. 

For me it’s the negotiation of time that creates the fascination. I’ll spend x amount of time here, to get y in return. “Y” being a result that we often lack to consider. We get to “x” in the equation and stop. 

The closest thing to balance is observing my creation vs. consumption ratio.

How much am I distracting myself by creating something vs consuming something? 

It keeps me in check. 

I’ve been really heaving on the creating end lately, so I kept myself in check with the consumption part this weekend. 

Things I consumed this weekend:

  • 2 games of lazertag at incredible pizza
  • time with Harli on my front porch
  • lots of food in celebration of Eid


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