Work & Play


You know what’s interesting? Everyone I’ve done business with has been a friend or because of a friend. I mean that’s the way it should be right? They say relationship is the currency of wealth. I always thought that meant that good friendships make for a wealthy (or fulfilling) life. Now I understand that doing business with people is bringing the best of both worlds together. Work and Play. I can trace this pattern back to my first job too. I worked harder and better at Subway at 16 because I developed friendships that made me what to work harder and better for the sake of the other person working the line with me. Same thing at Panera Bread. Same thing at Vapor Plus. Same thing at Hubbly Bubbly. Same thing at Flow. Same thing for the upcoming projects in the works. They all revolve around my need for deep relationships & comradery. 

I was telling my mom today how thankful I was today for Kennon and Mary. She really loves that I have them. It made my move to the city much easier for her knowing they are both just right around the corner from me. She told me something though that made me stop and think. She said that I love them so much because I’ve found friends who can reciprocate the level of intimacy I place on the table for a friendship. I always done this thing with people in my life where I put them in front of myself. I’ve been trying to be better at that because I can’t really love other people until l love myself first. But it’s different with k&m because they are letting me grow into myself without judgement while helping me be my best self, and I’ve never had friendship like that before. 

With that being said, working with them is literally a dream. Working with anyone I’m friends with is a dream. So when Kyle Golding who works out of the same office building, hit me up to do some video for his newest branding project, The Manhattan in downtown OKC, I was pumped because that meant working with some of my all time favorite people. I’ve honestly been dying to work with Kyle on something so this was a huge privilege for me. I really look up to him and his work ethic. Talk about hustle and grind. 

It was tight though, we did some drink promo shorts and Undrell was there too! So we had a pretty tight squad on set. Anyways, these people are some of the best things that ever happened to me. 




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