Chance By Design

011: I wrote this a couple weeks ago, but it feels pretty solid right about now. I'm posting this from a McDonalds somewhere near camp in Michigan. We traveled all day and night yesterday. When we got here it was raining so hard that they closed camp for the night. So we slept in our cars in a parking lot. Still. I'm on vacation. I'm having a good time. I'm with my brother and sister. Life is good. Also, it's my birthday. I don't think anyone ever feels any different on their birthdays, but I always get excited cause it's another anniversary in the books for my mom and I. So mom, happy anniversary. I love you. 

Blogs will be coming, just late and messy. Bear with me though. There might be some good that comes out of it. 

Anyways. Here is a short piece of tangent thoughts. Might help if you look up the definition of chance. That's how I started writing this.


It was chance. All of it. Chance by Design. 

It went something like this. 

    It was chance that my friend Matt from high school began working in Real Estate, and I Media. 

    It was chance that someone he knew needed a freelance edit done. 

    It was chance that Ryan liked my work. 

    It was chance that he invited me to a shoot.

    It was chance that Kennon was there. 

    It was chance that I recognized his tattoo to be a Shel Silverstien piece. 

    It was chance that we became friends. 

    It was chance that we met up to shoot photos 2 blocks from where I live now, almost two years later. 

Chance by Design. One action creating a formidable experience in the future without your direct realization, until you correlate the experiences in hindsight. 



sarah zubair