I have the word "Discipline" written 3 times on a piece of paper pinned to my wall in my studio apartment. 

I thought maybe seeing it like that would remind me how much I want it. 

It's the one muscle that I desperately want to work out. 

Have you ever met me in person? Like casually? If you have, you know I go 100 mph and in all directions. 

If it's work related, a project, for a client, it gets done. 

It doesn't just get done, it gets slayed with 100% intention and focus. 

My own creative ambitions? Well......that's where things seem to take a while to come together. 

I'm overly ambitious when it comes to timelines. Don't get me wrong, I'm the most punctual person I know. I'm early to stuff probably 95% of the time. Being late makes me anxious. Plus I think it's super disrespectful to waste people's time. 

However, when it comes to my own creative projects I always think i'll have more time to work on stuff than I do. 

Like this blog for example? I was planning on doing it daily. I was doing pretty good but it's been almost a week since I posted and that's really lame. I'm giving myself grace though because Kennon says I should. 

I'm not going to lie. I've been distracted. In the best way possible though. I've been distracted by real life experiences. Things I would trade all these blog posts and pictures for because life doesn't happen in this screen. It happens out there. & that's where I've been. 

So with that, I'm going to allow myself some grace and transition this into a weekly blog. Actually, you know what? There's a good chance I will probably post more frequently than weekly, but giving myself that time gives me the mental space to want to do more.

Now that I'm self-employed I really need to protect my mental states and what energy allow in my space. That goes with projects but also especially with people. I've been really good about allowing only good & honest energies into my space lately. I have such a strong core group of people right now it's overwhelming how blessed and grateful I feel. I do this thing where I write three things I'm thankful for everyday on my bathroom mirror and I don't mean this arrogantly, but I have to pick and choose because there is just so much to be thankful for lately. Things are different, and they are harder, but I'm happier because of it. I'm pushing myself. Stretching. Getting out of my comfort zone. Developing relationships. Practicing vulnerability. All of these things are helping me bloom into whoever it is that i'm ultimately designed to be. For myself, my family, and my community. 

Tony Robbins says Growth + Contribution = Happiness

So far that equation has worked wonders for me. 


Here's all of the things that happened while I wasn't posted. Happy Monday guys. 






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