The Best Kind Of Conversations

People are important. 

The conversations we have with people are important. 

We expand our consciousness when we engage with people and take their genuine humanness into consideration.
When the chance comes up to spend an extended period of time with someone, we get to lean into conversations that aren’t usual. There’s so much beauty to it because it’s slow and then all at once. The best conversations are fluid, dynamic, and most of all, reciprocated. 

It’s tough because once you get a taste, the craving sets in. Cravings are particular because they’re distracting. 

You start thinking and you realize

you’re just a little bit different

because of something you expressed 


something someone said. 

Words change people.

Conversations change people. 

I’ve had some really important conversations the past few weeks. Maybe my muscle for conversations is getting stronger because it’s getting easier and easier to connect with people on a deep level. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m finally growing into myself, or if quitting a overly-demanding job has given me the time to be a real person again. Either way, I’m happy that I have time to meet myself now. 

I didn't really shoot much yesterday. Started off with meetings in the morning. The 1219 Crew had lunch at Irma’s. Saw Kennon for like 30 minutes to grab some drone footage for a project we're working on. Stopped by a gallery showcase. Ended the night by hanging out with a new friend, which was well needed because it consisted of really good conversation and really good poetry. All in all, it was a good day. 


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