A Letter To Future Me

Hey you.

You’re doing really good.

You’re doing great, actually.

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s changing. You are too. You’re growing. You’re stretching yourself. You’re figuring out where you find joy, and you’re following it.

The difference is that now you've figured out that you can’t get anything you really want without Grit.

What is Grit? Grit is when you keep going, even if you don’t want to, can’t, don’t feel like it, when it’s hard, when it’s boring, when it’s cumbersome and difficult. You keep going because you know that this is what you’re built for. You’re not where you want to be but you’re damn well on your way. & with each project, deadline, workout, or assignment, you are getting better, faster, stronger, and more efficient. You are growing. You are learning. You are turning into yourself. Because we aren't born as the person we want to be. We become the person we want to be. So keep going. Whether it's a personal challenge, starting a new semester, a new business endeavor, a move across the state, or even the country, you got this. It's all in your head. Thoughts are things. Forget about that which you can't control and focus on the things you can. Forge greatness through diligence and discipline. Remember your why. Dig deeper. Stay gracious. Remain coachable. Enjoy the journey.

You're on your way.


This weekend I shot a music & art festival in Automobile Alley called AMP Fest. It was actually really impressive. The craziest thing is that this is an event created and produced by my office mates Justin & Tobi. You can check how awesome they are and all the things they bring to OKC here.

I definitely didn't expect to enjoy this assignment as much as I did. I met a ton of really amazing and talented people that I'm excited to collaborate with. I realized I liked events because I enjoy doc-style shooting. It's like super raw and real because they don't really realize I'm photographing them, so people remain their authentic self in a way most can't when there's a camera around. Anyways, here are some of my favorite shots from the event.



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